Ik help je om beter te communiceren

I help organizations to communicate better

Tell your story, build stronger relationships
I love to translate your story to valuable online content. In my belief, real communication starts with real people, their experience, values and stories. The era of large commercial campaigns is disappearing. Nowadays, people are looking for people and organizations they can trust. With online media, the world outside is closer than ever. Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn make it easy to show yourself, but connecting to others and building relationship still require hard work.

Throughout the years, I have worked with commercial, governmental and educational organizations to help them tell their stories online and offline. I have worked with Erasmus University of Rotterdam, the Dutch government, IT companies and small business entrepreneurs. Tell me how I can help yours!

My Story
After studying Theology and Communication in Utrecht, Strasbourg and Boulder (Colorado), I have worked for Utrecht University as a lecturer in Communications. Consequently, I have started a  traineeship at the Dutch government, working for the departments of Education, Economics and Internal affairs. In 2012, I have initiated TheoZijderveld.com, specializing in online communication.For the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, I have written a Social Media Handbook, based on the experience of professors, communication specialists and staff members. Nowadays, I am writing a book with my friend Annet van Kruiningen on content marketing for professionals.

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Twitter: @theozijderveld